How & Why Amusement Parks In Melbourne, Victoria Are One Of The Largest Attractions

Amusement Park

Amusement parks. I bet that some or most of us cannot describe what they. Also known as theme parks or fun fairs, they are a collection, group of entertainment attractions such as rides located in one locality for the enjoyment of masses (large groups) of people.

Melbourne and Victoria have loads of these. From Luna Park (theme park) which was established back in 1912, to Playtime Crown (Video Arcade), to Wonderland which is an amusement centre; Melbourne has made these a part of their culture. It is their tradition.

Melbourne receives a total of 2 million international visitors and 57.7 million local tourists. Of these Luna Park has a share of 800000 plus satisfied visitors annually. Impressive right?

These amusement parks are preferred as Melbournian family function venues and hosting Christmas parties for a variety of reasons:

1. Memories to last a lifetime

A visit to an amusement park is an unforgettable experience. From the moment you walk in through those gates, you are in an entirely different world. Letting go of all the worries of the outside world and ready to have some fun. From the rides, the shows, the water parks, etc. amusement parks are the perfect place to make memories.

We all seek to have good times with friends and family, and pretty much the only time most are together is during the Christmas holiday. With this limited time, most families are often in search of memory making. Therefore the preference for amusement parks. It is proven that experiences make us happier than material belongings.

Families also want a chance to interact with their favourite brands and character. It is also an opportunity to partake in safe thrills that make for unforgettable memories.

A visit to one of this will be an event rich with mixtures of emotions. From joy to fear and anxiety too. You will be talking about it for months on end.

2. Fosters bonding

Christmas and family outings are meant for family fun. Time with your loved ones. These are the few times one gets to meet their elder sister, grandparents, that long lost uncle, etc. And furthermore, what better way to have fun than with family and friends?

Most people prefer to have their family outings in amusement parks because then they have a chance to make memories. From taking amazing photos with mickeys’ backdrop to helping each other overcome their fears on the rides and slides, from these activities families, are brought much closer.

3. Sober fun

Chilled Drinks

Well, there are three things most people like vodka, vodka, and vodka. We are a drinking nation, and we like it that way. It’s a perfect ending to our workdays, it’s how we bond with our colleagues, and there is no party if alcohol is not involved. However, alcohol is not ideal for the young ones. After all, it is only for 18+.

So, how do you have fun with your little ones?

Amusement parks offer an ideal environment to have mad fun with your kids. They will enjoy it and so will you. It will take you back to your childhood days and you will have a great time with them. This happens to be the reason as to why families prefer their outings in amusement parks.

4. World of difference

Amusement parks are an entirely different world. They are your ideal world, your dream world. The world is full of mummies and dragons. Who wouldn’t want that?

By visiting amusement parks most families’ step into an experience they have never had. For that one day, they can be immersed in a new world and forget the one we live in. They can be whoever or whatever they want or have ever imagined being. Seeking to make the most of the little time they have together, they choose a place they can be carefree, a place where they can release their inner child.

5. A full array of children activities

Binky Train in Park

Carnival games, cars for kids, road runner, and the mirror maze, etc. These are just a few of the activities for kids available. We all love these little ones and as such seek to give them a great experience. This great experience is the reason why most families visit these amusement parks.

They are out in search of a place where their kids can have mad fun.

The binky train, ghost train, Arabian merry, red baron and the carousel are some more activities for kids.

Solar Energy: Why Google Is Switching To Green Energy 2017 Onward?

google office garden

Google is one of those internet giants that consume as much energy as the entire city of San Francisco. And, why not! The whole world runs on the services of Google, be it Google Search Engine, YouTube, Gmail or Android Google Play Services!

After the Paris Climate Agreement, it has rather become indispensable and a mandate to switch to sustainable and green energy modes so as to minimise the dependence on none- renewable resources. Giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple and others have agreed to help in achieving the global climate change goals, by switching to 100% renewable and clean energy by 2020. In Australia large solar power unit suppliers like Eurosolar Group working to help Australia use renewable energy.

Google is the largest buyer of solar and wind energy for its 13+ data centres that is set across 150 cities globally. And, the demands from these data centres are sooner expected to rise by about 9% this year. For achieving the aim of 100% switch to green energy by 2017, the company would have to buy more than 6 Terawatt hours of solar and wind energy this year, to count the least. Currently, Google alone buys approximately 44% of power from all solar and wind farms and soon, this percentage is probably going to rise higher.

The Google’s target to reach the 100%, took them about 5 years, since 2012. Initially, they had to face many hurdles due to non-popularity and high prices/ power purchase agreements. However, with government initiatives, climate concerns and improve in technology and efficiency, the costs of green energy set ups have considerably come down despite the overall increase in demand for power.

Way back in 2009, Google started purchasing solar energy from the local utility. But, with time and because of a drastic increase in demand, Google began producing its own energy. It built renewable plants very close to the data centres so that there could have been minimum transmission losses (note: solar energy is only efficient within certain limits, unlike coal or hydroelectric sources). However, the biggest challenge has been that there is not enough land available near these data centres and amongst those which were installed- couldn’t meet 24X7 energy needs. In 2010, Google bought the right to purchase electricity at wholesale rates, by getting approval by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Since then, the cost of renewables has come down by 80% for solar energy and the process of switching over to green has become robust, rapid and very affordable for giants like Google.

solar panels

Looking at the enormous cost of installing solar power generation setups, Google has already made massive investments in buying renewable energy credits and solar electricity generation units. However, due to the global promotion of these great resources, the costs of power production have been significantly falling (about 12.1% drop) since the past ten years. Credit also goes to government tax benefits and affordability in the long run for both business owners and houses. According to the Bloomberg New Energy Finance, solar and wind energy for most of the world will be the ‘cheapest’ source of energy by 2030 (the target year for the epic Paris Agreement).

Unlike smaller firms, big companies like Google have enough resources to understand the Global Energy Markets and have the potential to negotiate and buy renewable energy at cheaper rates and put them to better and appropriate usage. Currently, Google has contracts with about 20 projects across the US, Chile and Sweden. Many renewable energy suppliers actually said that they perhaps wouldn’t able to operate without the help and finance of giants such as Google.

Not just switching to the green energy mode has become a necessity, all big and small businesses must also look for ways with which it can cut down on energy usage and increase efficiency with minimum wastage. Though the new President of the USA, Donald Trump, has vowed to revive the bankrupted none- renewable industries and will probably bring up anti- renewable policies, Google is certainly not looking forward to making any changes in its renewable energy initiatives, and thus help save the earth. Google sees the current investment not as a burden, but an asset that will pay them good returns in the long run. If Google would require more power for the next 10 years down the row, then the giant may also look forward to making agreements for low-carbon energy sources such as biomass, hydro and nuclear.

The trend of switching to green energy by Google and other big corporations will not only control on carbon emissions but will also inspire and chart a course of actions for smaller businesses, firms and even residential communities to take bold actions and help achieve faster sustainable developmental goals. If Google achieves its aim, it will become a symbol and a role model of good corporate citizenship and environmental responsibility.

What is Cantilever Racking System, and why should you choose it

Cantilever racks are those which have a beam anchored at only one end, where the load is held up by an arm. The arm is designed to transfer the load to the supporting upright beam and base. These storage models are useful in business applications, particularly for the storage of large and weighty items.


There are a few components integrated into all cantilever racks. The first of these is the uprights. These are the vertical beams which support the arms. The arms are the horizontal beams which support the weight of the stored items. You can set the arms at different angles based on what you need to store. The base is connected to the uprights and often bolted together so as to offer additional stability and support when the uprights have to bear the weight of the load you are storing. The braces are the final component, and they connect the uprights, offering support, strength, and rigidity.


You can use a cantilever rack system to store long items or bulky items like furniture, PVC pipes, or lumber. You can integrate cantilever racks into furniture storage warehouses, plumbing supply warehouses, or even power supply facilities.

Cantilever racks are an excellent way to expand storage spaces to various lengths, weights, and sizes. You can integrate cantilever racks in any storage system or warehouse, especially those which hold furniture, carpets, lumber, pipes, or sheet metal. You can easily expand existing cantilever rack systems too to accommodate business expansion.

Today cantilever racks are designed to compatible with a variety of produce requirements, especially those which have unusual or unwieldy weights or lengths. The beauty of the cantilever racking system ( is that it offers complete storage openness without upright columns providing any interference. This is preferable for certain storage situations because it is easier to access products when they need to be removed and it is more convenient to replenish products when they fall flat in stock.

The beauty of the cantilever rack systems is that they have no design restrictions, unlike modern storage systems. They can be designed with different bases to meet specific capacity needs. They can be designed with column centres to meet specific lengths. They can even be designed with unique components like arms and cross braces which you can interchange with an existing storage system. The cantilever uprights can be punched on both sides so that they are adaptable for single-sided storage units or double-sided storage units, contingent upon the size of your base. Of course, the arms must not be installed on both sides of a single-base upright, only a double-base upright. But beyond that, there is lots of flexibility in design and use.

Different Cantilever Rack Options:

When you invest in cantilever racks, you can find structural or roll forms, based on your needs. The structural systems connect the upright column to the arm with a bolt. This system is best used for heavy-duty storage needs and to hold lumber. The roll-formed system relies on a bracket pin to connect the upright column to the arm. This design makes it easier to adjust the arm angle. When investing in cantilever racks, you can design the single-sided or the double-sided to meet the length of your space or the length you need within your space. You can design the arms so that they can hold steel decking, have a plywood platform, or have a wire mesh deck. You can order light-duty or heavy-duty arms too.


The benefits are namely that the cantilever racks are relatively easy to install in a warehouse location, and you can reconfigure them with ease as your company grows. You can store any load from boxes to furniture to pallets to wood. You can reduce the handling time and improve productivity for your stock with these racks. You can also allow for better storage of any oddly shaped or sized product by adding arms. You can ever store products up to 6 meters vertically, which makes it perfect for playing product Tetris. Using cantilever racks can give you greater density down each aisle of your storage facility or warehouse. You can enjoy a range of sizes and capacities based on your requirements too.


The difficulties must be taken with a grain of salt. There is the cost of investing in the first cantilever racks and installing them. You might need additional warehouse space too if you have to account for aisle space in between each rack. This is a matter which fluctuates for each business, based on their needs and available storage space but is nonetheless something to consider.


The layout of the cantilever racking can be against a wall or can be made to form many aisles in between each system. In either case, when you increase storage with cantilever racks, you need to invest in forklifts to assist in the movement of goods and products on and off the rack.

You should speak with a forklift provider before you invest in cantilever racks. Many companies fail to consider the need for a forklift until after they have made their cantilever rack purchase and installation. But it is necessary to consider these two items simultaneously. The labour costs for operation will often be more than the cost of renting a warehouse and storing your goods. It is therefore in your best interest to choose the equipment you use and the layout for your cantilever racks based upon productivity and not just maximising storage.

There are three main types available.

  • When you use cantilever racks in a storage system, having multi-directional forklifts which can drive in all directions will enable you and your staff to improve the storage space used and the manoeuvrability needed to operate accurately within the aisles between storage systems.
  • An alternative is the side loader forklift which can be used for long loads. This design has a holding platform which helps to stabilise the transportation of longer loads when moving them from the cantilever racks to the forklift.
  • The least expensive option is the counter-balance forklift, but these require a wide aisle between cantilever rack systems to accommodate the larger movements.

Concerning storage, you have just two options.

  • The first is floor stacking and the second is cantilever racking. The first option is less costly at the onset but the storage capacity is low and the system, inefficient.
  • The second option requires a higher initial investment, but it decreasing handling time and increased storage capacity and productivity.

5 Things You Should Do Now to Prepare Yourself for a Moving Day

For people who have been living in rented houses or working in an office for a long time, having bought a new home or got a new office is a great accomplishment. The joy of living in your new house or working in a new environment can turn bitter when you think of the neighbours you will leave. You also need to pack your stuff before leaving your old home or your workplace, so you can reduce your workload by hiring office movers. If you have children and pets, the difficulty of moving is compounded. However, the stress and anxiety that you will encounter will be greatly reduced if you are prepared for the big day long before it arrives. Here are five things that you should do.

Make a list of the things to pack and things that you will give away or leave behind.

  1. During years that you have lived in your house, you might have accumulated lots of things – furniture, kitchen and dining ware, appliances, linens, clothing, and other personal belongings. Making a complete list will ensure that nothing you want to take with you will be left behind. This will let you decide which ones you would take to your new house and which ones you are willing to go behind. Deal with the items that you do not want to take with will reduce the mess around your new home and will help you do the packing in advance. If the items you won’t need in your new home are still in good condition, you can have a garage sale. The money you raise will help offset some of your expenses for the move.Pack the items that you do not regularly use so that you will have less to do in the few days before the move. Dinner ware, kitchen ware, linens that are just used for special occasions can be packed in advance. Place them in separate boxes and label the containers correctly so that confusion will be avoided. Fragile dinner and kitchen ware should be carefully packed and marked “Fragile or Breakable” so that breakage of your precious dining sets will be prevented.


  2. Check your new home before the moving day.Take measurements of the rooms to make sure that everything you take with you will have a place in your new house. The furniture you have might be too big or too bulky for the rooms where they will be placed. If this is the case, you can leave them behind or sell them before you move to your new home. You should also consider the colour scheme of your new house so that you won’t bother taking along with your carpets, curtains, and other furnishings that will not fit with the colour scheme of your new house. It will be better to sell them and use the proceeds to purchase new ones that will complement the colour of the rooms. It’s also right with furniture. Get rid of those look out of place in your new home.
  3. Choose the Right Moving CompanyThere are many moving companies that happy to do business with you. Do some research before make your final decision. Since moving can cost a lot, a price will be one of your considerations. But then, you should not overlook reliability, safety, and promptness. Choosing a wrong moving company can bring you more stress and more expenses. There are many moving companies advertising their services on the internet. You can check for the top 10 recommendations to narrow down your choices and save time. Read customers’ reviews, comments, and testimonies. Reviews usually present both the positive and the negative side of a moving company. Do your research in advance so that you can make and educated choice. Choosing the most efficient, affordable, and reliable moving company will save you time, money, and effort and make your move smooth and less costly. After you make the final decision, carry out the necessary arrangements to ensure there is no any problem.
  4. Plan for your car trip in advanceIf you are moving to another state that is accessible by car, it might be convenient to drive. Remember that even if you have hired a moving company, there are still lots of things that you need to take with you personally. If you are taking a long trip, find out where you can have your meals, stay at night, and refill car fuel in advance. This is important especially when you are travelling on a tight budget. By doing your research, you will be able to estimate how much money will need for this trip. Children can easily get hungry, thirsty, and bored. Pack some snacks, water, and car entertainment for the kids. You can let them play games or watch movies while travelling. Your pets need food and regular stops for their necessities. Take a change of clothes for everyone. To break the boredom, you can stop at places of interests along the way. This will make the drive more interesting, fun, and educational. 
  5. Settle all outstanding utility bills in your old home before moving out.This will bring you peace of mind when you are already in your new home. Also, have a forwarding address before you live. Changing your postal address will direct all bills and letters sent to you regularly. Let your relatives and friends know where you will move to. They might pass by your new location and visit you. This will keep your old ties even if you have moved to another place already.

By making these preparations in advance, your move will be less stressful, smooth, and less costly.

How one simple decision helped me to make big profit?

Most of us consider renovations when we first purchase a home. We are full of ideas that would make the house exactly what we want. We’re willing to spend money and take the time to create an abode we can be proud of. Very few of us want to continue these renovations once we have decided to sell the property. We got an idea of diving the whole house renovation work into parts, where we started off with a kitchen renovation, followed by paint and finally carpet installation. It feels much more exciting to be working towards creating our dream but the fact is that it can be monetarily beneficial to continue with a few renovations once you’ve decided to put up the for sale sign.

I first bought a house with my husband when we were in our mid-twenties. This isn’t an unusual time purchase a house and we bought the largest and best that we could afford. Unfortunately, this ended up not being in the best neighbourhood and as our family grew we quickly realised that our first house was not going to be our last. When our second child was on the way, we knew it was time to consider looking into an upgrade. This didn’t mean that our current house was wrong or that it wouldn’t be perfect for someone else, it just meant that it was no longer working for our situation.

Unfortunately when we began to speak with a realtor about our plans and had our home value assessed we were disappointed to find out what kind of return we could expect. We had been dreaming of getting much more for the house and the price we were quoted was a big wake up call. Thankfully I ran into an old friend that said she had the same problem when they decided to sell their home. What she suggested next seemed crazy at first. She told us that we should do some renovations. She said they spent about $10,000 renovating parts of their house and that in the end, it brought back a big return.

The downside was that renovating would mean we would have to stay in our home a little longer than expected. We had a big decision to make. Lose money by selling now or spend the extra time and do some renovations. In the end, we decided we would stay put awhile longer and would spend the money on some improvements that were known to help home sales. It was tough deciding which projects to do but we did a lot of research, and in the end, we were able to create a list that would work best for us, our home, our budget, and our time allowance.

We noticed right away that doing a single home project wouldn’t be enough, but we also didn’t want to do a massive overhaul. Instead, we opted to make a few smaller improvements that would give us a big bang for our buck and would have a greater visual appeal.

The first project we started on was the kitchen. Of course, with our budget, we couldn’t create a whole new kitchen, but we could do some smaller things that buyers would notice. We added new appliances that fit in with current popular styles, resurfaced our old cabinets, and installed new counter tops that made the kitchen appear much more modern overall. It surprised, what a difference it made for a minimal amount of money. While we wanted to add the very best we also knew that we didn’t need to go overboard because certain items wouldn’t work well in the neighbourhood, so we did our best to stick with items that were upgrades and visually appealing but not too fancy for the living situation. The next on our list was the bathroom. Bathrooms can become dated quickly but by installing a new shower enclosure and updated fixtures including a new vanity and countertop we were able to bring the bathroom into the current century. The end result almost made me want to stay in the house it looked so nice.

The paint was by far the cheapest project that had the greatest impact. Just by changing the colour of the walls our house not only looked brighter and more open but it also looked brand new. If we had only been able to afford one renovation, paint would have been it. It was cheap and took minimal time. We spent a weekend working on each room, and within the matter of a month or so, we had completely transformed the entire house. I know a lot of people have talked about the transformation power of paint, but it is amazing when you see it for yourself. When you select colours to be careful to choose ones that buyers will like. It might be fun to paint the rooms all the crazy colours you love, but in the end, buyers want to come into a home that they can imagine turning into their dream house, not yours. Go with neutrals as they are interesting enough to make a home inviting but basic enough to allow visitors to imagine their items and their style in the home. The same can be said of exterior paint as well should you choose to repaint the exterior of the home. Look at the other houses in the neighbourhood and try to select a colour that will match and fit in with the others. No one wants to look at the one house that stands out like a sore thumb. Resist the urge to go crazy with colour.

We managed to have still a little bit of money left over after the other projects, so we opened to install some new carpet. The carpet we had was manageable, but it was stained in places and could have looked much nicer. Had we not had the extra money we probably wouldn’t have bothered but for the minimal expense it did make a difference, and it made an excellent impression as potential buyers visited the property. Consider what you would like to see when you walk into a house you are considering buying. The nicer and newer it looks, the better because it means less work for you.

In the end updating our house was definitely the way to go. We sold our house for much more than originally imagined and seeing the renovations all come together was quite fun.