5 Things You Should Do Now to Prepare Yourself for a Moving Day

For people who have been living in rented houses or working in an office for a long time, having bought a new home or got a new office is a great accomplishment. The joy of living in your new house or working in a new environment can turn bitter when you think of the neighbours you will leave. You also need to pack your stuff before leaving your old home or your workplace, so you can reduce your workload by hiring office movers. If you have children and pets, the difficulty of moving is compounded. However, the stress and anxiety that you will encounter will be greatly reduced if you are prepared for the big day long before it arrives. Here are five things that you should do.

Make a list of the things to pack and things that you will give away or leave behind.

  1. During years that you have lived in your house, you might have accumulated lots of things – furniture, kitchen and dining ware, appliances, linens, clothing, and other personal belongings. Making a complete list will ensure that nothing you want to take with you will be left behind. This will let you decide which ones you would take to your new house and which ones you are willing to go behind. Deal with the items that you do not want to take with will reduce the mess around your new home and will help you do the packing in advance. If the items you won’t need in your new home are still in good condition, you can have a garage sale. The money you raise will help offset some of your expenses for the move.Pack the items that you do not regularly use so that you will have less to do in the few days before the move. Dinner ware, kitchen ware, linens that are just used for special occasions can be packed in advance. Place them in separate boxes and label the containers correctly so that confusion will be avoided. Fragile dinner and kitchen ware should be carefully packed and marked “Fragile or Breakable” so that breakage of your precious dining sets will be prevented.


  2. Check your new home before the moving day.Take measurements of the rooms to make sure that everything you take with you will have a place in your new house. The furniture you have might be too big or too bulky for the rooms where they will be placed. If this is the case, you can leave them behind or sell them before you move to your new home. You should also consider the colour scheme of your new house so that you won’t bother taking along with your carpets, curtains, and other furnishings that will not fit with the colour scheme of your new house. It will be better to sell them and use the proceeds to purchase new ones that will complement the colour of the rooms. It’s also right with furniture. Get rid of those look out of place in your new home.
  3. Choose the Right Moving CompanyThere are many moving companies that happy to do business with you. Do some research before make your final decision. Since moving can cost a lot, a price will be one of your considerations. But then, you should not overlook reliability, safety, and promptness. Choosing a wrong moving company can bring you more stress and more expenses. There are many moving companies advertising their services on the internet. You can check for the top 10 recommendations to narrow down your choices and save time. Read customers’ reviews, comments, and testimonies. Reviews usually present both the positive and the negative side of a moving company. Do your research in advance so that you can make and educated choice. Choosing the most efficient, affordable, and reliable moving company will save you time, money, and effort and make your move smooth and less costly. After you make the final decision, carry out the necessary arrangements to ensure there is no any problem.
  4. Plan for your car trip in advanceIf you are moving to another state that is accessible by car, it might be convenient to drive. Remember that even if you have hired a moving company, there are still lots of things that you need to take with you personally. If you are taking a long trip, find out where you can have your meals, stay at night, and refill car fuel in advance. This is important especially when you are travelling on a tight budget. By doing your research, you will be able to estimate how much money will need for this trip. Children can easily get hungry, thirsty, and bored. Pack some snacks, water, and car entertainment for the kids. You can let them play games or watch movies while travelling. Your pets need food and regular stops for their necessities. Take a change of clothes for everyone. To break the boredom, you can stop at places of interests along the way. This will make the drive more interesting, fun, and educational. 
  5. Settle all outstanding utility bills in your old home before moving out.This will bring you peace of mind when you are already in your new home. Also, have a forwarding address before you live. Changing your postal address will direct all bills and letters sent to you regularly. Let your relatives and friends know where you will move to. They might pass by your new location and visit you. This will keep your old ties even if you have moved to another place already.

By making these preparations in advance, your move will be less stressful, smooth, and less costly.