Warehouse storage-All about Optimizing the space!

While storing inventory, one can simply stack pallets from the floor to the top. But, in the real sense, such a storage model is quite impractical, as there is a high risk of damage, congestion, and inconvenience. Thus, a logical and a well-engineered warehouse storage solution is the key to optimising all your available space and in this instance,  Industrial Racking Systems are the best way to fulfill all your storage needs.

Pallet racking or Pallet storage solutions

No warehouse storage solution can be more economical, hassle free and convenient than efficient pallet racking or pallet storage solutions. Most pallet racking solutions vary according to the needs of the warehouse and the storage density. The racking systems should be such that, it could satisfy and withstand the frequent wear and tear. While choosing a pallet racking system, you should consider factors such as required storage density, inventory accessibility, shelving, floor space and dimensions, inventory rotation, optimal storage design and obviously the total costs involved in the storage solution and installation.

Warehouse shelving

Warehouse shelving helps to sort and maximise your available space at the warehouse. Depending on the usage, warehouse shelves can be made of painted steel, melamine, galvanised, garment, chrome, steel or chipboard. Most common warehouse shelves range from 5 – 9 in numbers.
A Selective Racking System is one of the most common types of pallet racking system in which there are back to back racks where the pallets are stored, all separated by aisles, according to the choice of width. Since this can store only low-density articles, a Double Deep system, that can be accessed from only one side, gives a better performance. A Pallet Lift or Fork lifter is used to move the inventory.

If you need to further increase the storage capacity, you can use the Drive in Rack system. In this, the pallets are supported by steel angles. Though it’s a slower storage system, as careful handling is required while driving into the system, it definitely does solve the purpose of large storage solution requirements. However, if you need a FIFO inventory system (First in, first out), you should choose Pallet Flow Rack automatic mechanism to rotate the stock, whereas the Push Back pallet works just on the opposite principle, that is, it is a last in first out pallet storage system. The Push Back pallet design works on the principle of reduced aisle space. On the other hand, Cantilever shelves are typically front loading shelves and are a perfect pick for small loads and loose items.
Other types of warehouse shelving include designs like coil racks, roll out shelf racks, wide span shelving, stack racks, open steel shelving, corrugated steel and bulk containers and more.

Mezzanine flooring systems

Mezzanine floors are part of the warehouse building and it is an intermediate floor that is open to the ground and the first floor. This elevated building structure is usually supported by steel columns and thus, provides some extra office space. This semi- permanent floor is typically made of steel instead of wood and most of the times can be relocated in a hassle free manner. Modular designs are fixed with bolts and can be easily assembled and dismantled in parts. Employ top professional mezzanine flooring solutions in Australia to get detailed CAD drawings and flooring solutions that will, on one hand, meet your requirements and on the other hand, take care of the building regulations and safety measures. Mesh panels, staircases, and handrails should be an integral part of the structure.

Pallet conveyor systems

Pallet conveyors transport, accumulate, shift and sort heavy loads at the warehouse in an automatic way. Automated Pallet conveyors can move more than thousand pound units of load under demanding conditions- which is much of an impossible task when done manually.

Movement within the warehouse should be easy and less prone to accidental damage. An efficient Pallet conveyor system should possess qualities like fast transit times, provide constant feeds to and from machines, reduce forklift movements, low maintenance and should put better utilisation of labour resources, to count the least. Some of the most common pallet conveyor types are pallet accumulation, transportation, elevators/ lifts, shuttle cars and pallet transfers. Warehouse software solutions associated with these conveyor systems plays the key role in optimising the performance of these sorters.

Warehouse rack protectors

Racks and Inventories are invariably very expensive and delicate and thus, the warehouse racks need to be protected and guarded against damage. Most damages are done during forklifts. You must install rack protectors at every level, which includes giving protection to the corners, uprights as well as the frames. You must also consider giving machine wire guard fencing, warehouse guard rails, safety barriers and use push through, the wheel stops and falls through protectors and other such protection systems for your inventories and warehouse structure.